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    Viola Pantograph Etching - Pantograph design is the most demanding technology, the decor creation is executed in several stages. Firstly the glass is given a wax coating, then the decor is precisely engraved by force of titanium needles. Subsequently, the glass is then immersed into an etching bath, which finalises the decoration from its reaction with the wax coating. The glass can then be further enhanced with coloured rims, frosting and spraying.

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    Viola Q6261 Victorian Design Pantograph - 350 ml

    Manufacturer: Crystal Glass
    Model: 40729/350/Q6261
    Price per set of: 6
    Stock Status: Instock
    Product Quantity: 39
    Views: 6777
    Sales: 1
    Date Available: 2012-07-16
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 0 x 84 x 223 mm
    Requires Shipping: Yes
    Boxes in stock 39x
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