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About CZ One Ltd

Started as a wild idea to supply the world with these amazing creations, CZ One was the brain child of our director Pavel Kuban, as a young gentleman Pavel has had huge success in all different areas of product selling but now residing in the UK, he's been working on Bohemia Online Shop for over 6 years. Painlessly perfecting every aspect of our exciting new company and we are now ready to bring our products from the factory to your door.


We believe that EVERY home should have a collection of Fine Crystal Glasses to be used when entertaining guests or just as a luxury alternative to your everyday glass and stemware. After extensive research into the design, production and use of glasses around the world, we have concluded that every wine, brandy, sherry etc has its own perfect glass to create a truly spectacular drinking experince.


We offer a substanial range of products , NOT AVAILABLE to purchase in this way, anywhere else in the world.


We use traditional hand crafted techniques, partnered with the most advanced technology available to produce our glasses to the highest quality available online.


Our extensive selection of Crystal glasses means your guaranteed to find something that not only pleases your eye, but your pocket too!


The History of Crystal Glass


The North of Bohemia is a region where glass has been produced continuously since the Middle Ages. The rich workmanlike and vivid history still inspires local glass engineers and it challenges them to continue in this tradition and to new discoveries.


Production of glass in the Bohemia region appears since time immemorial, and belongs together inseparably. Historical findings have demonstrated the processing of glass in this area since the time of the Celts, two thousand years ago, at the beginning of the Christian calendar, although the first written records and evidence are from the 60s to the tenth century.

The first industrial production of glass by glass factories in the Bohemia region dates back to the turn of the 13th and 14 century, when the first glass factories were formed. These were the strategic regions that began to build in the border areas untouched Ore, Jizera,  Lusatian Mountains, Giant Mountains, Forest Maintains and Moravia. Since the mid-14th century, the oldest Bohemia glass rendered nearly transparent glass soda-calcium origin and created goblets, cups, and church windows (later enriched by paintings), among others for the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV, who let them fill the window of Prague Castle.

In the 16th century, according to historical sources, 34 Bohemia factories were producing glass, with a high probability that there were many more factories.

In the 20th century, the industry largely expanded automated production of tableware with the help of the third millennium reminiscent technology, but traditional hand-made production remained

Production of crystal in the Czech Republic has a very long tradition and stands today as the best in the world.

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